I would often feel someone touching me growing up. But no one was around. I had a few dreams I recall that were absolutely terrifying because they involved demented or evil spirits. I also recall many instances in my life where I have been directed, guided, or physically controlled by good spirits.

These usually took the form of making sure I survived while driving. Many accidents and collisions have been prevented in my life because my foot was stilled before it could hit the gas, or I turned when I didn’t know I needed to.

Other times I would hear my name or feel a touch, light or not, and turn around but never saw anyone. I used to see things out the corners of my eyes as well. It was disturbing as a child. They were always shadows within shadows and really affected my mental state. I actually have a story called The Path Peripheral that stemmed partly from these encounters.

But as I grew up and nothing really happened and the nightmares died down, I started to take these things for granted. It was just part of life. Everyone experienced them. (I think the idea that everyone is the same in some way shape or form is based in our need to fit in, but I could be wrong).

So I learned to just live with them. And because no one was around to talk to about them, or to give me any other explanation for them, my abilities in this area remained as stunted as my abilities in almost every area of my Self.

So when I went from not knowing my Self, to starting to know my Self, I started to reopen to these things. And I finally started understanding that I am an energetic and spiritual being that can be influenced by those planes and the beings on them. I also started understanding that I can affect things on these planes as well.

It was a marvelous thing to go from knowing, absolutely, that I was alone, and then know with more assurance than the sun rising that I had never been and never will be alone. It was even more marvelous to realize just how many good and loving spirits are on my side.

It was more of a shock to realize the good spirits than the bad ones. But once I was aware, it also became quite terrifying. Or would have been had I not found Alexis so quickly. She guided me a lot and helped me to determine between spirits. I also found that there are many in between spirits. Some more neutral than others and some really out to create mischief but no real harm while others really are just curious.

I started getting to know more and more of them and started learning how to protect myself on these levels as well. It is a truth that we attract things that vibrate on a similar energetic frequency. And since my vibration was still very low, I was attracting things that startled or downright scared me.

But again I was surrounded by spirits and angels who were assigned to help me, or just wanted to. So I learned and I learned quickly. It was absolutely exhausting at first. My first attempts at protections were very draining and offered very little defense.

I learned how to connect to Mother Earth and draw from her immense store of energy. Finally able to feed my energetic needs on various vibrational levels, I then started taking it further. I connected to The Universe. And of course I connected to my God.

I learned how to manipulate this field very efficiently. I then tuned into myself and started learning how to clear everything out. These levels of vibration helped me to really start healing inside. I was able to see my Self clearly and free of bias. I learned about cording and contracts and their effects. I learned how to cleanse my Self on every level and how to let go. Thus I became free.

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