Reiki and Babies Part 2

Let me go into greater detail.

Babies are little humans. This means they have a complex energetic body made up of mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical energies. There are more but these are the basics. Let’s call this energy body the soul for simplicity sake. (I suspect that this is what a soul actually is comprised of. But that’s just me).

As an adult human myself, and someone who had to learn to balance all these aspects of the soul, I realized that little tiny humans, also called babies, have all the same stuff and they have to learn how to balance all the aspects of a soul.

Thing is, I had no idea how to go about that. As an adult, I had the ability to figure it out. I could consciously and with awareness learn how to balance everything.

Little tiny humans do not have that capacity. They need help. They need direction. Sometimes they need someone to do it for them, or to support them as they do it. Depends entirely on what’s going on.

Now let’s go with the idea that there is a huge being behind the life of this little tiny human. How frustrating it must be at times to try and do something that was easier than thought as such a being and is now absolutely impossible all shoved up inside this teeny little physical body.

All this diversified perspective made it that much easier to handle their crying. They are, after all, crying for a purpose. It’s the only real way they can physically communicate.

But to someone who is used to working with all the basic aspects of a human soul, I could feel the vast and intense energies moving. And boy you wouldn’t believe just how much is going on in that area.

There is the slow merging process of the soul with the actual physical body. I don’t think it’s an all at once thing. If it was why would they really need to be so small and learn in the first place? Why would they even need to gestate for 40 weeks? (Again that’s just me).

So I had to help them with a few things. My girls had past lives, I could feel them asking for help so they wouldn’t have to do quite so much healing some of those past lives as they grew up. It also, of course, triggered some of the past life healing I have had to do.

There were multiple times when I had to just hold my crying babies and whisper to them that they were safe, that I was here to help them and that I would help them all I can. That I would always be here for them. But that sometimes they had to do it themselves.

There are still many times when I have to hold my crying babies and show them how I did and do something. Then tell them that it can be done differently this is just how I do it. Try it and if it doesn’t work tweak it or try something else.

The thing I have to keep reminding myself of now, is that they are little humans who are developing. I am an adult human and I am still developing. This means that for the entirety of their lives, they are going to have shifts and changes going on at any given time. Their souls are constantly going to need attention. Not always the same aspect either. Sometimes it may be one aspect, and another time it may be multiple aspects.

My younger twin just finished a shift. Took her about 3-4 days to do it. But she did it mostly on her own. I gave her a few little helps, re-balanced her a few times, and that was it. I didn’t even need to purposely tune into Reiki to help her.

She didn’t even really cry during this shift. She just seemed a little inwardly distracted.

This experience with my babies has, of course, made me wonder about all the crying other people’s babies do. What if these babies are trying to explain a need that isn’t purely physical? What if these babies are desperately trying to get the help they need to develop their souls? And how much damage are we doing to them by not understanding that this is what they need?

This is why I now offer Reiki sessions for babies. This is something I was afraid to do before I had my own children. I had no experience and didn’t want to accidentally hurt a child. But now that I see everything my babies have to do, just to merge and balance everything, I truly believe babies need Reiki and someone who will help parents to see that there is far more to these tiny humans than feeding, burping, playing, sleeping, and changing diapers.

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