Reiki and Babies part 1

Babies cry. This is a fact of life.

So when I learned I was having twins, one of the things I almost freaked completely out about was the fact that we were going to have two crying babies. I was half terrified that we were going to have colicky twins.

One colicky baby is difficult enough. Two? I didn’t even want to fully consider the idea.

Luckily I’m pretty capable of dealing with my fears on a general day to day basis. Also I had the typical mom brain. I realized that a lot of my underlying energies were going to growing two little humans. So thoughts flitted through and out of my head pretty fast. My poor husband. Lol.

I did Reiki on myself and my children. I still meditated fairly regularly. And I worked until I just couldn’t anymore. Which ended up being 2 months and 2 days before their birth.

The girls hated ultrasounds. They always started going crazy and tried to hide. One would burrow into my hips, the other one would burrow into my ribs. Yes I know, there are lungs and a huge muscle called a diaphragm there. She still managed to nestle right up under my sternum. The nurses had no idea how she managed that.

I would use Reiki after every ultrasound and they would calm down immediately. So while pregnant, it was pretty much a life saver. It also did me and my husband a world of good. I mean come on. Having a baby is life changing. And having twins is 100 times more exciting and absolutely terrifying. Reiki kind of kept us semi sane.

After the girls were born, I of course had all the trauma of an emergency C-section. I don’t think it was actually an emergency. No one was in crisis. But it happened 5 days before we were scheduled, so the doctors did what they always do when it’s an emergency. And that meant a lot of trauma for mom.

Reiki kept me sane and stable enough to handle the two to three hour cycle of feed, change, play, sleep. And the sometimes 20 minute naps once every 5-7 hours for a day and a half when they cluster fed.

And the babies would cry. And I’m a new mom. Now I did some research beforehand. Books like those from Weissbluth on sleep were helpful. I made sleep top priority because my husband and I need sleep or we fall apart. And we have twins. So sleep was absolutely vital.

Of course, sometimes I couldn’t sleep. I was so wound up from babies and babies and more babies.

Still, I came into having children with an idea. Babies cry because they have needs that have to be met. And sometimes nothing anyone does seems to calm them. Why? What needs are not being met?

Well all I really had to do was look at our society to get an idea. When I was going through my healing process I started to understand that people in general, acknowledge physical needs. And that’s about it.

If a person has a church, religion or spiritual practice, they acknowledge the spiritual needs.

If a person starts to look for mental health help for depression or some other issue, they acknowledge mental needs.

If a person is an energy healer they acknowledge energetic needs.

And almost no one acknowledges emotional needs.

So in order for a baby to have all these needs met, a person has to be like me. I have a spiritual practice, I’m a Reiki master, I went through psychotherapy for past trauma, and I happen to be an empath.

I had already made a decision that my babies were going to get all their needs met in every area. I mentally reminded myself over and over, that when my babies cried, I had to remember to use Reiki.

And I did.

So they cried. I used Reiki. I listened to my intuition and brought all my experience with humans and people to bear on these two tiny little people who don’t even understand why they are crying.

They stopped crying.

It was glorious. As it happened over and over again, I became confident that I was going to be able to take care of my babies needs. All of them. Of course I tried the physical almost first thing. But when they had everything already done and I knew they weren’t tired and there was nothing left to try, Reiki took care of it.

It’s becoming a common knowledge that there is a week where most babies cry. And they just cry. Nothing makes them stop crying. We waited for this week. We wondered if they would hit it at the same time. The time frame is anywhere from 4 weeks to 10 weeks after a baby’s due date. Our babies were premature, so we calculated the weeks and waited.

And it consistently did not happen. We had a few days where one or both were upset. We had one night, a few nights after we came home, with them where they cried back and forth non stop for 10 hours. We had another day where they went back and forth for 6 hours. And that was it.

Our babies never had that week where they cried. ┬áNow it’s possible we were just one of the very few who had twins who never experienced this. But I find it difficult to believe that our babies just didn’t have this week. Because I cannot count the number of times I did Reiki on them.

After that first night of 10 hours non-stop back and forth crying, they got Reiki at the slightest hint of crying. And I felt all kinds of stuff moving.


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