Reiki Therapy at Empathy Works

Light of ReikiIf you’ve ever gone looking for information on Reiki therapy you’ll know that it’s often promoted as being another way to relax and be at peace for a bit. Kind of like a Swedish Massage. If you go looking for that kind of thing, then yeah, that’s all Reiki is.

For someone like me however, a light rub to get lotion or oil pushed into my skin isn’t enough. I prefer something deeper and longer lasting. So I like Deep tissue massage with various different techniques thrown in to help my body heal itself.

In my world, Reiki is very similar. But let’s back up a tad.

Energy what?!

We were all taught at some point in science class, that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can also be transferred from one object to another. This is why hitting an inanimate object moves it. Matter seems to basically be arranged energy. All those protons, neutrons and electrons stuck together to make atoms which are stuck together to make molecules and so forth.

Of course, it’s all far more complicated than that, but I’m not a scientist. I’m an energy healer. While I don’t understand all the theories and stuff, I do understand that we, as humans, are very energetic in nature.

Our bodies practically hum with energy. We have chakras, we have meridians, we have spirits, we have minds, we have emotions. The list goes on and on. And when we die something leaves the body. Something vital to life. The body is left behind to have its energy converted to other useful purposes.

Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotion, Energy

There has been this amazing movement to reconnect the mind and the body. Some even decide to throw the spirit in there. As an energy healer, I’d get a lot of people looking for help to do this.

And while I was going through my own personal healing process, I was bombarded by mind, body, spirit. It worked out ok. But I was always left feeling something was missing. When I went to massage school, I discovered what that was.

Energy and Emotion are vital pieces of the puzzle if we’re going to heal our trauma. And that is what Reiki eventually became for me.

Reiki heals.

Reiki is a wonderfully therapeutic thing. And it can be put to many different uses. As I learned Reiki, I learned that I had some incredible abilities and some insights that other people just didn’t have.

Reiki affects all levels of energy. Even ones I don’t have listed here. I focus mostly on the complexity of the human being in a fairly physical way. What I mean is, I don’t spend a lot of time in ethereal or angelic company. Though I do have the ability to speak to my guides and guardians as well as people who have passed on, I usually focus on the 5 aspects of a basic human being.

These aspects are all very intricately intertwined. It’s kind of like a Celtic knot. There is no beginning or end to any of these aspects and they are so looped and twined around each other, it’s almost impossible to affect one without affecting them all.

Reiki can reach each one of these aspects and help them all to come back into balance.

But it’s not an easy fix. Just like one massage will not cure years of bad postural habits, one Reiki session will not heal a traumatized life. In fact, when not done with a variety of other things, it really can’t do much at all. In the long run.

Self healing.

As I got further into doing Reiki on myself, which is why I originally studied it, I learned many many things. It took years for me to figure out my process, to learn how to sit with the pain and just be. I meditated, journaled, prayed, cried, screamed, hated, and forgave.

I came face to face with myself. It was the single most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. And I have twins!

I learned how to love myself with that same unconditional love that God is reputed to have.

Reiki was totally worth it. Was it pricey? Yes. But it saved me and changed my life in ways that I never imagined it could.

So if you’re looking for a fluffy feel good Reiki therapist, look elsewhere. Because at Empathy Works, Reiki is like a deep tissue massage. I will help you face your pain, fear and trauma, and I will guide you on the road to love yourself.