I cannot believe I am actually doing this. I have heard all about blogs since they first became popular, (no that does not date me as much as you might think,) and I was never interested in the idea. I don’t follow blogs. In fact it took me a long to even read a blog entry.

I figured if I wanted to know something about someone I could just ask them about it. If I wanted information on a subject I could ask someone I know who knew something about it. So I never saw the need for blogs.

Then there were the things like reading on a computer screen hurts my eyes and other such hindrances. But basically, I just didn’t care. I didn’t care to read them and I didn’t care to write them.

Mostly, I wasn’t interested in writing because I am a very private person. I dislike the thought of writing a blog with my innermost thoughts and a bunch of strangers reading it.

But, as has often happened in my life, changes occurred and now I am doing something I swore I’d never do. Something that would have terrified me before is now something that is essential. And I am at a bit of a loss on where to begin, and whether I’ll even have enough material to continue to write, and whether anyone will care anyway.

Yet I have read blog entries, and it seems they are doing fairly well, no matter the subject matter. So I guess my days of shunning blogs is over.

I have felt that I need to share a part of my journey. In Karla McLaren’s The Language of Emotions, she talks about the three phases of rituals.

The first is being taken from the world we know and thrust into a world we don’t know.

The second is a brush with death of some kind.

The third is coming back home and being accepted as one who is now wise and has much to teach.

In order to heal properly from traumas, all three phases must occur. And though I do have other outlets for the third phase, none of them truly feel complete. So this blog is one more side of the third phase for me. I am here to teach what I have learned in this process and possibly just ramble at random.

So now you know what you’d be getting into. Stay with me on this aspect of my journey, or not, as you choose.

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